A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the flying rivers of the Amazon, massive aerial flows of evaporated water floating over the South American Continent. It turns out there are engineers around the world thinking about how to tap these flying reserves, developing infrastructures to extract fresh drinking water from vapour clouds. Instead of looking […]

The beautiful map seen above has been floating around the internet for over a year now. It was created by Californian software engineer Nelson Minar. Nelson used a combination of open source GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data from the National Hydrography Dataset and a Javascript program to patch together the image. By simply inputting data […]

Gérard Moss is a Swiss-Brazilian pilot that spends his time flying around above the Amazon rainforest, collecting water samples from the voluminous tropical rainclouds. He is the founder of a fascinating project called Rios Voadores or The Flying Rivers project. The goal of project is to quantify the amount of water vapour transported across South […]

I would like to take a trip back in time to London in the mid 19th century. By this time London had grown from a small Roman fort town, to a city of over 3 million people. For hundreds of years the River Thames, which intersects the metropolis, has been used as the cities source […]

In my last post I discussed the great work of Dilip Da Cunha and Anuradha Mathur in their Mumbai coastal analysis, SOAK: Mumbai in an estuary. The work left with me a desire to find some concrete design examples of this type of thinking, that led me to Rebuild by Design. Rebuild is a competition that was initiated […]

An estuary demands gradients not walls, fluid occupancies not defined land uses, negotiated moments not hard edges. In short it demands the accommodation of the sea not a war against it which continues to be fought by engineers and administrators as they carry sea walls inland in a bid to both, channel monsoon runoff and […]

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